19 April 2008

Bored Blog Post

I recently got a surprising amount of books sent in this past week and a half.
I'm definitely having a lot more interesting things to come. Some of the authors are An Na, Kim Wong Keltner, and Elizabeth Scott.

Be on the look out!

Oh and I just finished watching Lars and the Real Girl. It was such a fantastic film. Ryan Gosling is such a phenomenal actor. It was really a heartfelt film. I really think everyone should watch it. The ending could have been better, but it fit in many ways. A lot of people I talk to recommended it too.

So I logged on Stephenie Meyer's site and it was nice to see some updated pictures of the upcoming Twilight Film too. All I could think was, "Finally, the dry spell is over!"

Hm, I might not be able to post again until a few weeks. I have an interview for better position on yearbook and studying for another state test.

Wow, I can't wait till school will be over!

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