27 April 2009

Cathy's Ring: Book Trailer

I'm not a huge fan of book trailers since usually they are pretty crappy, at least the ones I've seen anyways, but the Cathy's Book series isn't so bad.

Cheesy voice overs, but whatever. The illustrations are amazing, just like in the book.

I'm a huge fan of the Cathy's Book series and the third novel, Cathy's Ring, is coming out May 4th!

I'm super excited for it and plan to go and buy it then.  If you haven't read the first, Cathy's Book go check it out. In fact, look over at my review for it and Cathy's Key. 

Anyways, so here is the youtube video for Cathy's Ring! *Internally Squeels*

for those viewing this one randombuzzers.com, here is the link to it!



23 April 2009

Heartbreak River


Hailey Abbott’s Summer Boys takes a weepy turn in this story of one girl’s attempt to tell her childhood friend how she really feels about him.
Alex thought she’d be spending the summer focused on her family’s rafting business, burying the memories of her father’s death last year, and leaving behind all the messes she made in its wake.
But when Sean returns to town, she is forced to reckon with her mixed-up crushy feelings for him—more powerful than ever before. It takes another tragedy to make Alex realize Sean has loved her, and forgiven her, all along.

Another book I want to read, the cover looked interesting! I haven't seen a lot of covers like this so it drew me in. Almost like Wicked Lovely. I'll have to pick this up next time! In other news, I'm over halfway done with another book! I'm doing so much better now on all that, I must say! It's been a little difficult getting back on the boat since I got sick, but things are shaping up to be well, indescribible.

20 April 2009

What YOU should read next, including myself!

I've heard a lot of buzz about this book! I was finally sold on putting it on my to-read list after seeing another thing about it on the Penguin Newsletter.
Here's what it said:
Choices. Seventeen-year-old Mia is faced with some tough ones. Move to New York City to pursue her true love — music — or stay with her boyfriend, family and friends.
Then one February morning everything changes. Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow-wet Oregon road with her family. In a blink she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the wreck...
And suddenly all of her choices are gone. Except for the one choice that truly matters.
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
ISBN: 9780525421030
$ 16.99
Doesn't sound absolutely, positively fantastic? I think so. Oh yeah, and I just made a twitter account, I'm a litle late but I've tried to put it off. I'll post it up later. There I will be posting my reading progress for everyone to see.
anyways, that's all for now. i gotta study for my urinary test!
plus finish my poster on LSD for psychology.
aint life grand?

18 April 2009


I want to graciously thanks the Random Buzz team for sending me all those books! I'm already on it and have started reading! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to write a review for each!

I recieved a ton of books. A lot more than I'm used to!

Here's a list of what book reviews you can expect in the coming weeks!

Highway to Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore
The Diamonds by Ted Michael
The ABC's of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro
Going Bovine by Libba Bray (Oh gosh, I'm excited to this!)
(Re)cycler by Lauren McLaughlin
The Treasure Map of Boys by E. Lockhart
Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner
Fat Cat by Robin Brande (ditto!)

I'm already in the middle of The ABC'S of Kissing Boys, and so far so good! I'm hoping to get done with it Sunday and have my review ready by Monday, so stay tuned!

15 April 2009

Review: 20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Imagine that one day your finally with the person you love and the suddenly, their gone.
20 Boy Summer is a coming of age story about a girl named Anna who finds and loses love, and makes peace with herself. During her 20-day summer vacation with her best friend Frankie, they decide to play a game. Each day they would meet a boy, in hopes of a summer romance. Anna goes along with it, but doesn’t tell Frankie the truth. She’s already had her romance, with Frankie’s brother Matt, who died a year earlier.

I really enjoyed this book. I could feel the characters raw emotions, especially Anna’s. This book is emotionally honest, each character deals with their feelings on Matt’s death is heartbreaking. I would love to see a companion book about these characters again. It was hard not to become attached to their stories and lives. Sarah Ockler's writing is really heart-warming and I definitely want to come across another book of hers again!