15 April 2009

Review: 20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Imagine that one day your finally with the person you love and the suddenly, their gone.
20 Boy Summer is a coming of age story about a girl named Anna who finds and loses love, and makes peace with herself. During her 20-day summer vacation with her best friend Frankie, they decide to play a game. Each day they would meet a boy, in hopes of a summer romance. Anna goes along with it, but doesn’t tell Frankie the truth. She’s already had her romance, with Frankie’s brother Matt, who died a year earlier.

I really enjoyed this book. I could feel the characters raw emotions, especially Anna’s. This book is emotionally honest, each character deals with their feelings on Matt’s death is heartbreaking. I would love to see a companion book about these characters again. It was hard not to become attached to their stories and lives. Sarah Ockler's writing is really heart-warming and I definitely want to come across another book of hers again!

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