09 April 2008

Review: Something to Blog About

Something to Blog About is a story about a girl named Libby Fawcett who has a secret blog. In her blog, Libby posts to vent out her feelings and embaressment. For example, Libby posts about the time Seth Jacobs, her crush since eighth grade, sees her hair light on fire from a bunsen burner in chemistry and when she finds out her mom is dating her nemisis Angel's Dad. If things couldn't get worse for Libby, they do tremendously. Soon, her blog entries are posted everywhere! After reading an entry, Keisha, her bestfriend, is no longer speaking to her. Libby has to stir up the courage to make amends with her friend and confront Seth.

Shana Norris' Something to Blog About was a great book! It was really fresh how some of it was written blog style. I could not stop laughing at Libby's mishaps throughout the book. I thought the storyline was original and although it was a bit predictable at times, I had overall enjoyed reading it. I look foward to reading more by Shana Norris. Her writing style is fantastic and I could tell she really got into writing this novel. I felt like I could really relate to Libby and her other characters. Readers who enjoy and light reads and the works of Lauren Myracle will surely enjoy this book. With a bit of everything, Something to Blog About will be a book to enjoy many times to come.
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Cecilia said...

hm...this book looks interesting. I'll definitely buy it.
thanks for reviewing/recommending this! :)