06 March 2008

Review: Princess Lessons by Meg Cabot

If your like me and fall over the carpet, this book is for you.
Learn to walk, talk, eat, and act like a princess. This treasure is filled with tips that you can use in almost any situation. I have read this like 3x and I love it. It was completely useful when I had a formal dinner to go to! The illustrations are adorable and so is the content.
Anyways, I bought this years ago, but never thought to pick it up and actually READ it. Who would ever think to read a book? [sarcasm]
So pick up your copy today from either the bookstore or library. Preferably the library if I were you so that way you won't have to pay all that money like moi.


Anna said...

mmm, i've read that. it was good. :D

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Anonymous said...

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