24 August 2008

Podcasts I like.

Before Breaking Dawn offically came out, I had started to listen to various podcasts. Now, I was ever really into podcasts before. I was an occasional Grammar Girl listener (so shoot me.) , but I never thought to check out some book related podcasts.

&& I have to say, there are a TON of fantastic ones. And not only are they fantastic, they are free, BITCH! ( I even said this to myself in my head the first time I found them)

I'm absolutely in love with Podcasts now. I could listen to them for a long time and totally be occupied. At first, it was a little awkward listening to them in my room, doing nothing, so I loaded them up on my ipod and went out for a walk.

Gahh, I can't help but gush over them.

Anyways, some of the podcasts I've been listening to are:

Imprints (I think Imprints and MuggleCast are run by some of the same people?)
Indie Feed: Performance Poetry [Not book related, but totally kick ass.]
Storynory [More for kids, but I'm a child at heart. Fairytales, etc.]
New Yorker: Fiction
The Classic Tales Podcast

These are fantastic and you should check them out!
I really wish though, that I had checked out Imprints a long time ago. It would have been cool to read these books and listened to Imprints at the same time. Hmm, oh well.

Anyways, check these out at the ITunes store. They all are free to download- so why not?
Check the ART(s) section for Podcasts to find them.

Okay, I guess that's all for now, I'll be checking back soon with the review I promised.

Oh but wait, I have to mention how I'm pissed that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince got pushed back. I know it's "old news" but I'm still pretty pissed over it. Why the FUCK would they do that? I know that "Twilight had nothing to do with it" but I still wonder. I mean, since Twilight got pushed to November, which I'm super glad, I wonder if they were worried about competition? Honestly, I don't see why they would push HP back till the summer.


p.s. If you didn't know it by now, I curse occassionally on here. I'm like a sailor offline but I try to be more "curteous" online to those that don't appreciate it. Honestly though, there just words. Why do people freak out over words? I get the whole sticks and stones shit, but c'mon. I'm not calling anybody names I just use them more as adjectives. :]

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Kelsey said...

I read in an article that basically said that they get more money in the American Summer.

I personally don't like swearing, but that's probably because a lot of people in the world use the words as insults, But I, like you, use them as adjectives pretty much, if only in my head.