05 January 2009

The Pros and Cons: Library vs Bookstore

That's right, you see it typed.. up there. Yeah.

Everyone knows that their are great benefits from buying and checking out books at your library. But which is the MOST beneficial to you and your pocket in these hard times?
For some people its buying and for others it's borrowing. Everyone is different (duh!).

Anyways, here is a list I've drawn up. (not literally or anything..)

Pro's & Con's of Buying Books:
P- You get to keep your book forever
C- You may not want it forever
P- You can re-read it whenever you want
C- You wasted money on a book you don't want to read again
P- Bookstores offer coupons!
C-You have to pay
C-Workers of the store don't like you to read the books.. and then leave.


Pro's & Con's of Borrowing Books:
P- You can read there! And they don't get mad. ( at least, till it closes..)
C- You can't talk. ( loud anyways. I'm a loud person, so CON)
P- It's free. (Unless your like me and you owe huge fines for giving books back late.)
C- The books might smell funny or have weird stains! (a total throw off, especially if your a clean freak like me)
P- Books on Tape!! Most libraries have them anyways..
P- Computers. (very useful in all sorts of aspects!)
C- Using car gas and money to drive there.


Well, that's it. You can agree or not, but it's what I've concluded. The library is a god send, but only if it's close by. It's pretty close but I still have to say, I like to buy my own books. WHEN I can afford it.

Finally, a word of small advice.

If your like me, you have level of how much you want to read a book. If it's not that high and your so-so about paying for it, go to a library! It's free to check out (so long as you return it on time).

Thats it for now :]

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