04 February 2009

Far From You by Lisa Schroeder

When I checked my mail a week ago, I quickly checked to see what Simon Pulse sent in. After looking over the cover, I jumped right in. Right away, even from the first page, I knew this was something I wanted to read. 

I don't know if you've ever read a book in verse, but their amazing. Maybe it's because I love poetry or maybe because I just like to read, but it sucked me in. 

Far From You is a story about overcoming the immense pain of loss and having the courage to love. Sixteen yrs. old Alice is dealing with the loss of her her mother and her sudden gain of a new step-mom and baby sister. The only seemingly good thing in her life is Blaze and her music.

Without much warning, an innocent trip gone wrong leaves Alice to confront her feelings and to have the will to survive.

Lisa Schroeder's writing is completely subliminal. The words on each page just flow through you, resonating and leaving you with so much to think about. It's easy to identify with Alice even in you haven't had a loved one pass away. It's easy for everyone to grasp an idea of pain she feels in the novel. Reading this book made me think over my own life. It makes you want to be stronger, more courageous.

This is a fantastic read if your like me and on short time. I think readers will like the verse style since it's "easier on the eyes" and seems to go by faster.

I don't know if its a necessarily a good thing since it's so good, and I wanted it to go on, but I'm definitely going to read this again. I'd love to see more YA books by Schroeder and I hope she continues to write.

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