28 February 2009

Possibly in the Future

I just recieved this book, Masks Evolution by Hayden Thorne in the mail.

I'm interested in the cover, reminds me of Mary GrandPre's art. Well, at least the boy does.

Anyways, even though the book's cover interests me, the book itself doesn't.

But alas, I must read it as I have to review it for a site.

Anyways, I decided I had to pull myself together and an idea came to me. Why not review it chapter by chapter on my blog? Or at least, every three chapters..or something. WHATEVER.

It'll help keep me motivated and give you insight on a book I've doubt anyone of you have read.

I've never even heard of the publisher, Torquere Press: Prizm Books.

Get ready! I'll hopefully have things rolling by Sunday.

See you then!


1 comment:

Booked Books said...

Sweet! You got it from Book Divas right? I actually read the first novel, Masks: Rise of Heroes. Let me know how it turns out!