01 March 2009

Epik Short Story Collection

Epik High's leader Tablo has recently released a short stories collection called Pieces of You.
If you haven't heard of Epik High, which I'm guessing most of you haven't, they are a korean hip-hop/rap group. They are one of my favorite bands because they sing about real issues and are a bit deeper than some of the artists in the US. Plus they just rock.
Tablo had attended Stanford University and had written the stories in his college years. This collection of short stories is a bestseller in Korea, selling
50, 000 copies in one week. And did I mention it became a bestseller before it even came out? It's also been said to have gone into a second printing. This book has now been made available in the original english form and for sale on various websites.
The book itself contains ten short stories and even has a few ink-styled illustrations.

Mini Excerpts:
"My heart was closed. Cold. I was self-conscious and cynical.
These are the pieces of my youth, the small secrets and the not-so-great expectations that defined my coming of age.
But through this craft, through my love for writing, I discovered a world outside of the small windowless one I had built for myself. A world of softspoken beauty. So here I am, choosing to kick away the ladder so that I may remain at your side. I understand your solitude. I see your shadow."-TABLO, PIECES OF YOU

If you would like to purchase this book, please go to one of the following sites. I'm listing the book in cheapest to most expensive on sites. Any other site is ridiculous in price. Trust me, I've checked. Oh and sadly, its not for sale on amazon or barnes and noble.
Please look into it! You wont regret it & I'll do a more formal review later.
hanbooks.com Buy it for around $22

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