08 March 2009

New Moon: It's Official

It's official.

Dakota Fanning is part of the New Moon cast playing, Jane of the Volturri!

Personally, Im thrilled. Dakota is totally cute and a great actress! She's totally grown up a bit too.

In other New Moon news, there is a contest to win a chance to view the set of New Moon and have a small role!

If you want to enter, click on the following link:HERE

I'll update you as I did before when Twilight was coming out! 


diny said...

i like your blog ! :) kisses

YA Book Reviewer said...

Thank You!

Lenore Appelhans said...

She does look like a vampire there.

kayla t said...

she looks way young to be in the movie they need to find another actor

but i think that one is good i just dont think she should play that role :[:

YA Book Reviewer said...

She actually does look a lot older in PUSH. I get what your saything though!

Anonymous said...

omg thats so great she is sucha an awesome actress