18 November 2009

Review: Hush, Hush

So I finished Hush, Hush and I have to say it was my book crack of the month.

Firstly however, I have to say before I even knew what it was about, the cover blew me away. It's very compelling to me. It stuck out so much more than your average book cover. It had me intrigued. And I always go for books like that.

I completely fell for this book. It took me in and swept me up! The plot was great. Becca Fitzpatrick's debut was a hit in my book. The writing is pretty simplistic, but that's what I love. It gets to the point and isn't overly flamboyant like a lot of novels I've read.

Oh and it has fallen angels.

Patch's character is so mysterious. Even though as the book went along and I began to find out more about him, I found him in the end, more mysterious. Yes, he is the typical bad boy, but with the whole twist!

And creepy guys. Did I mention that pretty much all the guys are creepy? Even Patch at some parts. I love creepers in a plot. It's a lot more interesting when your character is being stalked by a crazed lunatic.

This book is the beginning of a series and opens up a lot of questions.

The next book will be called Crescendo.

Check out Becca Fitzpatrick's website for more info. Just search her on google.

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