24 November 2009

Review: Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne

I don't know if anyone else does this, but when it's a certain time of year, I LOVE to read books in the same season, etc. It's the same with music. And Winter has to be my favorite season. It's beautiful and I love the cold! So anyways, during my search for a winter themed book, I came across Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne.

Snowed In is a sweet,albeit predictable book. Our lead girl Ashleigh and her mother move away from Texas to a tiny island in the Great Lakes after her father decides to remarry.
While her mother is trying to set up their B&B, Ashleigh is just trying to adjust to her new life-making friends and getting a date. And just who is that strangely attractive lumberjack boy???
This book was pretty fun actually. It's a little cheesy romantic, but it totally fits. First off, her new "best friend" seems a little psycho. She was super annoying, someone you'd totally want to slap in the face. All you ever hear her say is MY BOYFRIEND.
At first, I thought she'd end up with one guy, but just as soon as I began to think so, his reactions told me not so much.
Another thing I liked about this book was the protagonist's realism. Ashleigh's outlook on dating reflected her anger and hurt she felt towards her dad. I could feel her characters frustration and hurt. Hawthorne's book might be your typical teen's romantic comedy, BUT I think that's part of what people really like about her writing and books. People like having a commonality. It's relative to our own lives. And yes, sometimes these type of books can be a little far fetched, but we still can find a connection. And that's what makes us enjoy reading really. Feeling the connection to the characters and stories.

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