01 December 2007

Review: What They Found: Love on 145th St.

Yes, I'm barely alive. Thanks to school I've been away. Hi. Just thought I give a small update. Here's a review for the short story collection What They Found: Love on 145th Street.

What They Found is a new collection of short stories written by Walter Dean Myers. Each story's plot is based on love - family, romantic, platonic, and more. What They Found reveals how love can be found in some of the most unexpected places and times. Curtis is a soldier in Iraq fighting a war he doesn't want to take part in. He meets another soldier and through the horrors of war they fall in love.
I've never read anything like What They Found before so I thought It would be interesting to pick up. It was refreshing to read something with a good message. Each story captured an honest look at life and love.The book is geared more towards YA, but some stories might be a little mature for some readers. I recommend it to those who like reading fast-paced fiction. There is also something of a prequel to this collection called145 Street: Short Stories. It features some of the characters from this collection. I have not read it, but after reading this I definitely plan on it.

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Chelsea said...

Hm. That might be the UK cover of Before I Die. I'm not sure. Mine was an ARC and the cover was just white.

Anyways. Nice review. The book sounds good, although I'm not that into short stories.