22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I've eaten so much today. Its like I can't stop. Literally. Everything just tastes great. That's why I don't like the holidays. Its when I eat. Alot.

Anyways, Given the state I am in I'm not in such a great mood to write.

But, I feel like I should put forth some effort.

Ohh did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night?

Seth Green was in this episode! I absolutely love Seth Green. He's such a great actor and completely hilarious. Ugh, I was however disgusted at the end. I knew that was going to happen when he started laughing! Lexi was the cause. BIG surprise there.

Anyways, I've been slacking. I have some reviews to write up. I still have two books to read and review. So Don't expect any updates for at least two days. I'll probably post those reviews on here when I finish them.

Oh and I've reached 50 Views! I'm really happy. =]

Okay I should stop writing and get to reading. Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!


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