17 November 2007

Review: I Want Candy by Kim Wong Keltner

I recently had the opportunity to read I Want Candy by Kim Wong Keltner.
& wow did I enjoy it. It has to be one of the best coming of age novels I've come across in a long time. Trust me, I've read quite a few.

Its 1983 San Francisco and our heroine Candace Ong lives in Eggroll Wonderland. The Chinese Restaurant her parents work at. Wonderland is Candace's hell. She's been frying egg rolls since she was five. She constantly saves her lay-see envelopes for her future escape. Perhaps her only comfort is her sort of best friend Ruby. Sure she goes out of her way to make Candace feel like crap but their still friends. Candace isn't sure if she want's to live like Ruby-- having sex with every W.P.O.D she meets but she does realise she's changing. This book ventures through life of a young girl trying to figure out herself and her new expirences.

Its hard to find a good book that really describes what it is like growing up asian american. This one does a pretty good job. At least for me. It's easy for me to identify with in some of the situations. Its nice to have a voice in Asian American literature.

Anyways, Recommend to those who have enjoyed other coming of age novels and a good laugh. However younger readers shouldn't pick it up due to some language and situations in the book.

I would post the cover up, but I don't have a scanner. Plus its not on amazon or anything. =[

I Want Candy by Kim Wong Keltner will be availiable Febuary 2008