13 November 2007

Book-Related Sites

Okay, Many people don't like reading for a whole bunch of reasons.

Some excuses:

1. I read slow
2. I can't find anything good
3. I don't have time
4. I don't have a good vocabulary

Umm, you can read in the car [as long as your not driving!] and pretty much everywhere else. Make time. Take at least 15 minutes day to just relax and read something ENJOYABLE.

Which brings me to my point. What kind of books would you like to read? Or, what HAVE you enjoyed?


This site here is quite nifty. Enter in an author and book title and be amazed! I was. I think it gets updated too. Which is good right? I recommend it. Which means that it's damn good!

I've met a lot of people who don't like paying a lot of money for books. I am one of them.
Here is a compiled list that I made to save YOU some $$$ and get you great books.

Bookmooch.com [Trade books! Request Books and Offer Books]
paperbackswap.com [Same Deal Here]
booksfree.com [Like Netflix for books. Affordable Price Ranges!]
firstlookteen.com [Win ARC/ARE Books & Review them!] FREE
Random Buzzers [Free Books with Participation] FREE
PulseIT[Simon Pulse Review Program Free] FREE

Well, I hope that list helps some people! I really think if you can get something for free you should go for it. Plus books are great. I really love PulseIT. I haven't recieved a book I didn't like.

Well, I'm tired now. I need some Green Tea!


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