09 June 2008

Book Mooching Addiction?

So I've recently become a book moocher. (see previous post)

I must say, I'm addicted to the site! It's so much easier than going to the bookstore or library. I'm always reading something, so it's great that I can look at my wishlist every now and then, and mooch something to read later.

What makes me really happy, is that they also let you mooch re-used packages/manilla folders.
That saves me a lot of money! Ahh, so I guess the point of the silly post is that I am in book mooch heaven.

Oh and don't forget! If you ever don't know what to read next, go to this nifty site!

It will give you a pretty good recommendation! I've used it myself quite a few times. It's useful especially when I go to the library. I don't really know why but when I go to the library, I always forget what I'm looking for so it's fantastic for me to use it there!

Till next time! (With a new review!)

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