19 June 2008

Review: How They Met and Other Stories

How They Met and Other Stories is a modern-day collection of shorts by David Levithan. The stories are about love and the many shapes and forms love comes in. Sometimes, love hits us with no question. In the escaltor, a love story, Daniel doesn't really know anything about love- it's a concept to him. He's been dating a girl, Mandy, for a while and they fit well together. While Daniel and Mandy are at the mall, Daniel suddenly decides that they should go up and down the escaltors. After Daniel reaches the second floor, he stares at Mandy- transfixed by her, as she is pushes up the stairs. At that moment, love hits him and well, Mandy hits the floor. The story ends with a little blood and a kiss.

How They Met and Other Stories is surprisingly, to me, an excellent collection. I honestly expected sappy stories, but David Levithan's collection has more depth than I expected. It's also the first time I have read about different types relationships. (eg. boy meets boy, girl meets girl, etc.) Although I felt that at times the gay characters were presented sterotypically, as shown in the media, the stories were shown in realistically. Overall, I recommend this collection if your looking for a quick and contemporary read. If your not comfortable with some profanity or "unconventional" relationships, go for something else. Although, you'll be missing out!

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