25 July 2008

Author Spotlight: Louise Rennison

Louise Rennison, writer of the best selling Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series, has definitely been having a good month. Her popluar novel, Angus, Thong, and Full-Frontal Snogging, is coming out with a movie July 25th and has released a new
book in the series, Stop in the Name of Pants!, this month too.
If that isn't enough, Confessions of Georiga Nicholson is on the Top 10 bestsellers list this week!
Whenever I'm reading one of the books out in public somewhere, I always get a comment on the title.
"Knocked Out by My Nunga Nungas?!! What kind of a book is that? It sounds weird.. What are Nunga Nungas? Are they what I think they are?"
By the time I'm finished telling them what the book is about, I know they are interested. Louise Rennison said the series is based on her life growing up-not completely, but enough to make her embaressed at times.
For more information on the Georgia Nicholson books, visit here!
Dont forget! Stop in the Name of Pants! is out now. :D


YA Book Realm said...
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YA Book Realm said...

Okay I seriously gotta read her books soon! She is usually compared with Meg Cabot (she's amazing).

Are their books similar?